Keytek Pty Ltd (ABN 33 056 385 650)


Keytek offers a 100 % "No Quibble" guarantee on its complete range of products.

All products are manufactured under the strictest quality standards, which assures the product's performance to be equal to or better than the equivalent product supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Keytek will replace the product at no charge should a defect be found.

Additionally, Keytek guarantees that none of its products will cause any damage or abnormal wear to any type of printer, where the product is being used in the manner for which it has been designed and in accordance with instructions and the machine manufacturer's instructions with respect to installation and use.

In the unlikely event, where damage to a printer has been attributed to a consumable product supplied by Keytek, then Keytek will reimburse the full amount of the service and/or repair that is directly related to the product.

This warranty is conditional on Keytek, or Keytek's appointed service representative, being permitted to inspect the damage, and there being clear evidence that any damage was caused by the product. This evidence must be in a written form and produced by an authorised service company or person qualified to make any such statement.

The liability shall be limited to replacing the product and reasonable repair costs. This warranty is in addition to any other expressed or implied warranties, conditions or other terms implied by Statute or Common Law including warranties of satisfactory quality.

Keytek will not be liable for any consequential damages.